Since 1987

Artemp has offered creative services solutions as well as marketing and communications professionals to our federal government and private sector clients.

These include a wide variety of businesses, ranging from high-tech to advertising to not-for-profit organizations, and many more. We have supplied our clients with individual creatives as well as full teams of marketing and communications professionals in order to manage projects from concept to solution.
Creative Services

During the early 1990s

Artemp expanded the range of professional services we provide.

We developed human resources as another niche market, establishing ourselves as one of the primary suppliers of HR professionals to the federal government.

We now provide a full range of talent that covers staffing, organizational design and classification, change management, organizational development, leadership development, and executive coaching.

Human Resources

Over the years

Artemp has actively sourced other professional expertise in order to increase our professional roster.

This now includes project management, procurement, finance, geomatics, and ATIP services.
Professional Services


We have always prided ourselves on the level of service we provide, not only in terms of supplying our clients with talented professionals, but also in terms of securing our consultants interesting and rewarding opportunities that utilize their talents.