Senior Organizational Design and Classification Consultant

  • Performing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis;
  • Leading organization and classification projects following project management principles;
  • Developing and/or implementing functional communities organizational models and associated generic work descriptions;
  • Developing functional charting;
  • Developing generic work description framework and develop appropriate learning tools for its application;
  • Analyzing current and end state, developing options and recommending new organizational structures (could include costing);
  • Reviewing existing work processes and organizational structures to determine their efficiency and effectiveness, and making recommendations;
  • Performing job, activities and responsibilities analysis;
  • Discussing with management in order to clearly define the activities and responsibilities of a specific function and/or organization, and provide options;
  • Reviewing, evaluating current work descriptions and recommending appropriate changes;
  • Developing and updating generic and specific work descriptions, and delineating responsibilities within streams of work;
  • Developing and implementing new classification standards and occupational group structures, as well as providing advice;
  • Providing advice and performing activities on conversion processes and redress mechanisms in the context of classification reform;
  • Identifying policy needs/concerns;
  • Researching and developing policies, guidelines, procedures and tools;
  • Researching, preparing relativity, evaluating work descriptions;
  • Participating in classification grievance committees and classification committees and writing reports;
  • Researching and preparing classification relativity studies;
  • Developing and/or providing advice on classification policies, procedures and tools;
  • Analyzing policies and business functional requirements to identify information, procedures and decision flows, and making recommendations;
  • Identifying organization for re-design; prototyping potential solutions, providing trade off information and suggesting a recommended course of action;
  • Identifying the required modifications to the automated processes;
  • Documenting workflow;
  • Articulating business requirements;
  • Providing advice in defining new requirements and opportunities for applying efficient and effective solutions: identifying and providing preliminary costs of potential options;
  • Provide mentoring, coaching assistance, and/or training;
  • Developing and delivering training;
  • Evaluating performance framework, developing performance needs and reporting systems and processes;
  • Researching, analyzing data and reporting on activities;
  • Carrying out performance monitoring and reporting on activities;
  • Developing and updating performance management systems, process and tools;
  • Providing advice and/or performing activities related to classification monitoring;
  • Researching, developing and implementing generic work descriptions approaches;
  • Reviewing, evaluating, new or revised work descriptions;
  • Compiling information and preparing reports; and
  • Developing, monitoring framework, conducting monitoring activities and preparing monitoring reports.

Job Type: Contract

Job Location:

  • Ottawa, ON

Required education:

  • Diploma/Certificate

Required experience:

  • Providing operational classification services to a group of client managers with Federal Gov’t: 8 years
  • Dealing with classification processes (e.g. writing of work descriptions with Federal Gov’t: 10 years
Location: Ottawa

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