Senior Human Resources Consultant

  • Providing operational HR services;
  • Developing resourcing strategies linked to HR Plans, job marketing strategy and tools; Assisting in redress process, appeals, grievances etc
  • Providing advice on and/or performing analysis of the HR strategic direction and assisting in the development of HR options, aligning and integrating the HR plans with the strategic direction of the organization’s business plan; Participating in the development of potential HR models and assisting in the implementation of HR requirements and a transition plan to meet HR needs;
  • Developing, implementing and providing advice on policies, programs and procedures regarding human resource services and programs;
  • Planning Human Resources in areas such as organizational development, organizational planning and design, human resources utilization, job analysis, performance planning, auditing and evaluating and forecasting;
  • Providing advice on and/or participating in the establishment of processes and HR systems support for human resources programs, services and activities;
  • Providing advice on and/or participating in the development of new programs for employees to retain career mobility;
  • Identifying policy needs/concerns and performing comparative analysis of policies as well as developing policies, procedures, guidelines and Strategies;
  • Providing advice on and/or assisting in the development/provisioning of new government programs;
  • Planning, developing, implementing and evaluating personnel and employee relations strategies including policies, programs and procedures to address an organization’s human resource requirements;
  • Advising managers and employees on the interpretation of compensation and benefit programs and collective agreements;
  • Researching, preparing and conducting grievance committees and prepare reports;
  • Conducting research and analysis and preparing recommendations, reports and/or conducting desk audits;
  • Leading, participating in the conduct of organizational and central agencies monitoring and audit initiatives;
  • Negotiating collective agreements on behalf of employers or employees, mediate labour disputes and grievances and provide advice on employee and labour relations;
  • Planning and administering HR programs;
  • Hiring and overseeing training of staff;
  • Coordinating employee performance and appraisal programs;
  • Conducting reviews, developing implementation strategies;
  • Develop training and information sessions;
  • Providing mentoring, tutoring and coaching assistance;
  • Assisting in the development of HR strategies to meet business needs; Assisting in the development of Integrated Business and Human Resources Plan to meet the needs of the organization;
  • Developing and monitoring framework, conducting monitoring activities and preparing monitoring reports;
  • Developing, implementing HR related programs, framework and initiatives;
  • Evaluating programs and activities and reporting on lessons learned or making recommendations for the future;
  • Researching or fact finding exercises;
  • Researching, developing, implementing and tracking service standards, agreements; and
  • Reviewing and proposing various organizational models.

Job Type: Contract

Job Location:

  • Ottawa, ON

Required education:

  • Diploma/Certificate

Required experience:

  • Writing work descriptions for various occupational groups with Federal Gov’t: 8 years
  • Human resource plans with Federal Gov’t: 7 years
Location: Ottawa

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