Project Manager Intermediate

  MT5 The resource must have a University Degree in a
    specified field of study.  The field of study is to be specified by the Project Authority at Task Authorization request.
MT6 The resource must have a minimum of five (5) years of  
  experience in the last fifteen (15) years prior to bid  
  closing in the management of a project.  
MT7 The resource must have two (2) years demonstrated experience as a project manager with National Defence.  
MT8 The resource must have five (5) years of combined  
  experience in two (2) of the following phases to be  
  identified at task authorization request:  
  Project Identification;  
  Options Analysis;  
  Project Approval (Definition);  
  Project Approval  
    (Implementation); or  
  Project Closeout.  
MT9 The resource must have, at minimum, two (2) years  
  of experience, acquired in the last 10 years prior to  
  bid closing, in the Federal Government of Canada  
  preparing and completing two (2) of the following  
  Statements of Operational  
    Requirement (SOR);  
  Statements of Capability  
    Deficiency (SOCD); or  
  –    Statements of Work (SOW).  



Project Management                                                            


The required services provided by the Contractor on an “as and when requested” basis may include, but are not limited to the following:


  1. coordinating project management activities including financial, planning and contracting aspects;


  1. planning and organizing a project management office;


  1. giving briefings on progress and concerns of the project;


  1. preparing documentation in response to scheduled and unscheduled reports, returns and observations to update management of project progress;


  1. coordinating the activities of project personnel, Department of National Defence (DND) internal customers, Contractors and other support providers;


  1. preparing formal Statements of Work (SOW), work breakdown structures and compliance charts;


  1. producing draft plans for incorporation into the Project Implementation Plan or Request for Proposal (RFP); and preparing draft evaluation plans, criteria and evaluation schedules.




Location: Ottawa, ON

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