START DATE – OCT. 30, 2017

 END DATE: MARCH 30, 2018


Mandatory Technical Criteria





M1 Education: Must demonstrate that the proposed resource holds: Secondary school diploma


To demonstrate compliance with this criterion, a copy of the Secondary Diploma must be submitted with the proposal.

M2 Experience: Must demonstrate that its proposed resource has experience working with the Microsoft Office software package. (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)


The resource’s work experience must be presented in mm/yyyy to mm/yyyy format.

M3 Experience: Must demonstrate that its proposed resource has at least three (3) years of experience within the last ten (10) years working in an office environment


M4 Experience: Must demonstrate that its proposed resource has at least one (1) year of experience within the last five (5) years providing support to an executive at the EX level or equivalent. At bid closing, the Contractor proposed resource must have a valid SECRET level security clearance issued by PWGSC, CISD. Proof of security clearance or the security certificate number and validity must be provided with the bid.


The Resources must perform duties that may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Manage executive calendars ;
  2. Administering and tracking documents related to correspondence management, and project management and follow-up with responsible employees and executives.
  3. Coordinating and processing administrative tasks related to onboarding employee arrivals and departures.
  4. Ensure that all employees follow internal procedures when submitting documents for corporate requests,
  5. Answer questions on HR, or document management when requested,
  6. Provide support to all team members to help them meet their requirements related to the Treasury Board process and the deliverables they need to provide to senior management, and
  7. Provide support with document formatting to all team members. This may include advising on proper usage of Microsoft Office or other software such as GCDocs.


Location: Ottawa, ON

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